If your travel plans fail every time cause you lack the funds, here's TRIPMAMU with INTEREST FREE TRAVEL LOANS! Time to pack those bags and set off!

What do we Bongs love more than a football game or a sumptuous maach bhaat lunch? Any guesses? It’s simple – we love TRAVELLING & HOLIDAYS (BHOBOGHURE we Bongs are!). Be it summer holidays or Durga Puja, we Bengalis are perennially bitten by wanderlust and will, at a moments notice, leave our city lives behind to answer that call from a soaring mountain or a relaxing beach.

However, planning these trips can get tough because of either your packed city-life schedules or that one painful truth of our middle-class lives – POISA NEI. We, at BongFeed can’t help you with making time, but we sure can help you with the money bit.

And thus comes the knight in shining armor – Tripmamu,  a quirky travel startup from Kolkata. They recently got selected in the Nasscom 10000 startup program and are all set to provide Interest Free EMI schemes on holiday loans. Just read those words again – Interest-Free, sounds like salvation to our shallow-pocket restrained hearts! It seems unbelievable, but lie we not!

tripmamu offers
TripMamu offers

What Tripmamu.com offers is a market place where customers can buy tour packages from different tour operators. The interesting bit is this – customers can purchase the tour packages on an interest free monthly EMI rather than the full price all at once. The customers can cover the payments in a 6 or 12 month period.

The heads behind the start-up are Somdev Dutta Gupta (Founder and Product Head) and Karthikeyan K (Co-Founder and Business Head). While Somdev, with more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, is from Kolkata, Karthikeyan, is from Tamil Nadu and calls Thanjavur his native, even though he’s almost a Bong after 5 years in Kolkata! Karthikeyan came to the city for a job and fell in love with it hard enough to later settle down here.

TripMamu founders at TTF event, Kolkata
TripMamu founders at TTF event, Kolkata

Nasscom Kolkata, which is known for promoting newbie businesses in India, has chosen Tripmamu to go on board with their 10000 Startup Program. The startup has already tied up with ICICI Bank and Standard Chartered to help them with their financing. The core idea behind Tripmamu, according to Karthik is this – never shall a middle class family have to save for months on end for one trip, only to see that money getting used up somewhere and cancelling on their dream vacations. His own childhood observations of how his family had to work hard just to make travel dreams come true is one of the strongest motivations here. What we love about Tripmamu, other than the amazing fact that they give interest free holiday loans, is that this startup is a hardcore City of Joy baby!

To know more directly from the founders, you can go to Travel & Tourism Fair,Kolkata from 8th July to 10th July. Tripmamu (stall number C-250) has special launch offers for the first few customers.

So, yes, if you love travelling, but don’t have the budget to take the plunge, check out Tripmamu and sign up for an interest free holiday loan. Happy travelling!

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