Were you staying away from Kolkata for a while? Are you just back to the city or are planning to? Here are some things that you are going to experience soon
Kolkata Timelapse

This epic timelapse video of Kolkata by a techie is a montage of all that our city embodies - the best of colonial architecture coexisting with modern infrastructure, all by the banks of the Hooghly under an auburn Sun.
Kolkata Taxi. Source ~ facenfacts.com

We all love our Kolkata. But to love means to accept the problems of our city and solve them. These 19 major problems are clogging Kolkata today. Can you help?
Source ~ http://www.livemint.com/rf/Image-621x414/LiveMint/Period1/2014/09/27/Photos/puja--621x414.jpg

Share your best photographs of the SPIRIT OF DURGA PUJA. We will share your photography skills on FB & award the 3 most LIKED images with Flipkart vouchers
Game of Pujo SEason IV FInale

Are you a Bengali waiting for Durga Puja? A fan of Game of Thrones? These GoT memes on Durga Puja is our way of welcoming Maa Durga home! This is the season finale. Check out the rest!
Bengali Puja Shopping

KOLKATA, DURING THE DURGA PUJA, IS THE BIGGEST FASHION PARADE IN THE WORLD. But how do you look your sharpest during this festive season? Let us help!
Game of Pujo Season 3

Are you a Bengali waiting for Durga Pujo? A fan of Game of Thrones? The third season of GoT memes on Durga Pujo is here! Still more to follow ...
Mandii - BG Image source - http://startupscribble.com/

He is an IITian. Was working in Kolkata. But then he quit his job & started Mandii - an epic startup that will soon change the SME financing game in India. Read here about this awesome Mandii.

Sue Perkins is a famous Brit & a star host on the BBC One. See how she came to Kolkata & went down into our sewers in search of history.

Are you a Bengali waiting for Durga Pujo? A fan of Game of Thrones? The second season of GoT memes on Durga Pujo is here! Still more to follow ...

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Biryani. Source ~ http://www.trendingtop5.com

BIRYANI ! Every Bengali's dream indulgence. But who serves the best biryani in Kolkata? Take this poll and find out Kolkata's favorite Biryani joint!

Burrabazar expanded from a yarn and textile market into the commercial nucleus of Kolkata and one of the largest wholesale markets in Asia. Here are 7 amazing things you never knew about this bustling area in the center of our city
Bong Food

Do you keep forgetting the meaning of Bong food names? Confused how to explain them to your Non-Bong friends? Here is a list that explains Bong delicacies.

BAIRE PROCHUR GONDOGOL HOCHCHILO This almost always works, since no college/company is ready to jeopardize someone’s safety for a day’s absence. But come on, it's...

Ekdum Fresh

Bajar Garam

Ice Breaking using ‘dhop’ as a weapon in 1st semester ♀: ‘Madhyomik er por ami boi khulei dekhi ni, jointer ageo kissu porini, baba bolchilo...