The Burdwan Raj College site has been hacked by Pakistani hackers.

The Burdwan Raj College official website ( was suddenly hacked on Friday night by Pakistani hackers. Astonishingly, the site is yet to be taken down by the authorities even though almost 24 hours have passed (as of writing this).

The Burdwan Raj College homepage
The Burdwan Raj College homepage

The hacked page now plays a song and says that it was hacked by Zalim. It  claims that this hack is in response to the deaths of 125 children in the recent attacks in Peshawar. Zalim claims that they are backed by Allah and the Pakistani military.

The Pakistani hacker's claim on the page
The Pakistani hacker’s claim on the page

The page also goes on to threaten India with dire consequences. The hackers have asked India to leave Kashmir and claim that they will destroy India in all possible ways. The bad English is probably their first effort at destroying Indian readers’ minds!

Threat to India on the page
Threat to India on the page

The Principal in Charge of Raj College, Tarakeshwar Mondal, told Eibela that they were aware of the hack and had let the cyber security branch know.

Burdwan Raj College, founded in 1881, is the oldest and a major institution of the Bardhaman district. It’s sad to see that the authorities of such an esteemed institution have proved so inept at handling this kind of mischief and haven’t even done the mere basic – take the site down.
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