Remember Megastructures on National Geographic - the awesome series that showed us how engineering marvels across the world are created? They are now in our Calcutta!

The NatGeo MegaStructures team has decided to feature Atmosphere, an ambitious super-premium, 800 Crore residential project adjoining Science City off EM Bypass. They have been at the project site since January 2015. “We have placed a static camera at the site to capture the deck’s construction. Since all the fabrication happened on site, everything is on tape,” a crew member said.

Nyoooz, an online news aggregator, reports – What propelled Atmosphere, a development by Rahul Saraf-led Forum Projects , into the elite list is not the scale of the twin towers but it’s unique club! Yes madam/sir – the club is the marvel!

DEYA – the jaw-dropping 55,000 Sq. Ft., four levelled (that’s 4 levels of golf courses, swimming pools, party terraces, gym, jogging tracks in mid-air), 7,500 tonne heavy super-club suspended 400 Ft in the air between the two towers is the apple of our eyes now. The cost of Deya is said to be Rs 150 crores – and yeah, most of us are never gonna be able to earn that much in our entire lifetimes !

This is the NatGeo team`s third round of shoot. On Wednesday, the team, using multiple cameras filmed the lift-up of the 580 tonne steel skeleton that will house Deya, in a 10-hour operation that began at 7am. “For a residential structure to be called a Superstructure is truly saying a lot about its grandeur and magnificence.

Check out the video below by WEB STRUCTURES  to get a glimpse of the immense engineering feat of elevating Deya up into the clouds!

You can read more about this project here,  here as well as here. That’s how much people are talking about it!
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