Between 13th-15th October, Bengaluru is about to host the NASSCOM PRODUCT CONCLAVE 2015 . But what is it and why in heck do we think that it might actually kill some part of you?

  1. DEATH BY LEAPFROGINGNasscom Product Conclave 2015 is a platform for startups with BIG & BOLD DREAMS. It is a platform letting you, a budding start up with 0 exposure or experience, take that huge leap towards realizing your product in real life, meeting prospective investors, showcasing your bombastic idea to the rest of the community and basically watch and learn and grow. But this might actually result in the death of your STARTUP SHYNESS – never again will you fear approaching unknowns with your dream!
Nasscom Product Conclave 2015. Source ~ Faceook
  1. DEATH BY DISCUSSION – Nasscom Product Conclave 2015 has two unique platforms – SUMMITS & CONCLAVES. SUMMITS talk about Growth Hacking, Design, Internet Of Things (In case you don’t know what it is, click here) & Cyber Security. CONCLAVES will host Keynote Sessions by global leaders & experts. This actually might cause your DOUBTS ABOUT ENTREPRENEURIAL ABILITY to die a sad death.

npc 2015 1


  1. DEATH BY A MOONSHOTSolve for X Moonshot Sprint is NPC 2015’s hack for one big global problem. It’s your opportunity to solve a complex global problem through existing science or technology. By the way, this mega challenge might kill the adage of the dwarf touching the moon.

npc 2015 2

  1. DEATH BY DATING – This is a big threat to your STARTUP COLD FEET. NPC 2015 has a session where you get to SPEED DATE INVESTORS. Meet them, wow them & woo them! This session, the first of its kind in India, might actually kill your fears of convincing prospective investors.
Investor Speed Dating. Source ~
Investor Speed Dating. Source ~
  1. DEATH BY DEMIGODS – What if I tell you that the Chief Data Officer of Deutsche Bank AG, the CTO & SVP of Walmart Labs, the Mayor of Menlo Park, the Founder of PayTM, the CTO of Intuit, an Executive Director of Xprize and a host of other tech luminaries are going to be at NPC 2015 just to inspire you. But wait, these successful demigods of innovation might actually KILL YOUR DOUBTS about your startup dreams.

npc 2015 3

  1. DEATH BY DESIGN – Ever had a brilliant product idea that failed just because you lacked the infrastructure or ecosystem to support your production and design? NPC 2015 will arrange a MAKER FAIRE to KILL THAT LACK OF EXPOSURE for your million $ idea – dream, plan, build, show the future to the attendees and win.

npc 2015 4

  1. DEATH BY A KIOSK – Ever stood behind a counter and tried selling your dream to a crowd? Owning your Kiosk for a day @ NPC 2015 will for sure kill your DISABILITY TO SELL. And what if we tell you that you can even pitch to industry leaders for Strategic Partnerships?
Nasscom Product Conclave kiosks. Source ~
Nasscom Product Conclave kiosks. Source ~
  1. DEATH OF EXPENSIVE REGISTRATIONS – In case you are a startup set up within the last 3 years, for 5,500 INR, you get an all access pass to NPC 2015. But the dirt cheap rate will kill the need to SHELL OUT TONS OF CASH for every event you attend and your bragging rights. Here’s where you register!
National Product Conclave 2015 registration
National Product Conclave 2015 registration
  1. DEATH BY GRANDEUR – The VIVANTA BY TAJ, YESHWANTPUR is the host for Nasscom Product Conclave 2015. Talk about a KILLER LOCATION.
Nasscom Product Conclave 2015 venue
Nasscom Product Conclave 2015 venue

By the way, if you are confused by our aversion to NPC Bangalore 2015, here’s a secret – we are a sucker for this kinda events & we are really excited to attend NPC Banglaore 2015.

We wish them GODSPEED!

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