Being a fan of the red side of Manchester is kind of a fad now. But then there are the truly passionate Bengali fans of the English juggernaut. The Manchester United Fans Club of Kolkata has proved their love for football by organizing the Jimmy Murphy Trophy 2015.

Jimmy Murphy Trophy
Jimmy Murphy Trophy

Here are 6 important things you need to know about this exciting effort!

  1. Manchester United Fans Club Kolkata (MUFC-K) is a registered, non-profit organization which organizes 2 tournaments each year among many activities including live match day screenings. The first of the year is an 8/9 a side tournament in summer and the one during winter is a 5 a side tournament.
  1. There have been 4 tournaments organized by them since 2013 and all have got an amazing response from players and members alike.
  1. Jimmy Murphy Trophy 2015 is the summer tournament for the year and is an 8-a-side tournament. There are 8 franchises bought by the members of the club and player registration was closed when numbers met 120. The 8 franchises have selected their team from these players with a squad of 10 for all. The franchises will own the team till the 2016 winter tournament.
  1. The players were allotted to teams via auction that was held in 2 phases. First, it was for a marquee player who is considered to be among the best of the players registered. This was bought with real money by the franchises. Post this, the remaining 9 players were sold via online auction using virtual points system.
  1. The teams have all been named based on Machester lore. And the warriors are –
  • Beck’s benders (They bend like..You know who!)
Beck's Benders
Beck’s Benders
  • Bobby’s Best Law (Legends take a bow!)
Bobby's Best Law
Bobby’s Best Law
  • Fergie’s Fledglings (Those miraculous boys!)
Fergies's Fledglings
Fergies’s Fledglings
  • King Cantona’s crusaders (They carry Eric’s swag)
King Cantona Crusaders
King Cantona Crusaders


  • Red Devils Xtreme (You know why!)
Red Devil's Xtreme
Red Devil’s Xtreme
  • Stretford United (That stand that chants the best)
Stretford United
Stretford United
  • The Traffordites (The home of the Reds)
The Traffordites
The Traffordites


  • Fergie’s Hairdryers (Sir Alex’s wrath)
Fergies Hairdryers
Fergies Hairdryers


  1. Oh we almost forgot! is proud to power the Fergie’s Hairdryers! We just couldn’t help but be a part of this awesome event! Come on boys, bring home the trophy!


Here are the tournee details –

Date: 26th April 2015

Time: 9AM to 9PM

Watch it in Live

Place: Tarun Dal, Kudghat

Format: Group (4 teams in 2 groups) + Knockout

Total games: 15

Be there and enjoy an awesome day of football!



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