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ITALY - Every night, after 8 pm, Sardar Singh from Jammu sits by the Colosseum to sell his paintings. With four flash lights lit up, he sits for three hours every day. His photographs are a big draw among tourists. He loves Italy and says “I love the way they celebrate in Italy. Without fear. Embracing openly”. Rome has been his home for the past 26 years.

He is a wanderlust bitten traveler, a photographer par excellence. And he is a Bengali. Meet Kounteya Sinha,an inspirational urban nomad.
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The internet and social networks are flooded with one name from Kolkata - EKALAVYA CHAUDHURI. But who is he in real life? What's the furore about?
Iftar in Ramadan - Source ~

We are well into the holy month of Ramadan and a true Bong uses this opportunity to gorge on these lip smacking Iftar delicacies.
Praktan - BONGfeed. Source ~

Praktan is the comeback film of Bumbada & Rituparna. But how good it it? Here's our review of the movie.
Jaby Koay Rajkahini Trailer Reaction

Srijit's Rajkahini was a hard hitting flick. More so for Jaby Koay, an American coming across the trailer for the first time. And this is how he reacted.
Kolkata Timelapse

This epic timelapse video of Kolkata by a techie is a montage of all that our city embodies - the best of colonial architecture coexisting with modern infrastructure, all by the banks of the Hooghly under an auburn Sun.
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Share your best photographs of the SPIRIT OF DURGA PUJA. We will share your photography skills on FB & award the 3 most LIKED images with Flipkart vouchers
Indian Jam Project. Source Youtube

This stunning Indian Jam Project fusion covers five scores from the Harry Potter Movie Series. It's just beautiful when Indian classical meets Harry Potter!
Bong Food

Do you keep forgetting the meaning of Bong food names? Confused how to explain them to your Non-Bong friends? Here is a list that explains Bong delicacies.

A bunch of Bangladeshi Bollywood fans decide to go out into Sydney and dance to Hindi chartbusters in front of random strangers. Watch the video to check out the LOL reactions.

Oh Calcutta! Amar Kolkata. Somewhere between the two names, our city lost a lot of it's uniqueness. Let's see if you remember them. Here's a big dose of nostalgia!
ABP Ananda Earthquake Live TV

The earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25th April was felt on Live television by this newsroom on Bengali television. Watch the entire incident here.

Most of us grew up when Kolkata was still called Calcutta. A lot of the things that made our childhood in the city legendary have been lost to time & modernity. Here we reminisce about the Calcutta of the 90s where we grew up into the Bongs of today!

The twitter 100SareePact would be nothing without these 5 Bengali sarees! Come on Bong women, flaunt these and stun us!

This video on Kolkata will make you fall in love with Kolkata again!

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