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The internet and social networks are flooded with one name from Kolkata - EKALAVYA CHAUDHURI. But who is he in real life? What's the furore about?
Majestic Kanchenjungha

If your travel plans fail every time cause you lack the funds, here's TRIPMAMU with INTEREST FREE TRAVEL LOANS! Time to pack those bags and set off!
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How did the MPs from West Bengal perform ? Did they raise our issues in the Lok Sabha? How good are Dev & other celebrities in the Parliament?
The Burdwan Raj College homepage

The Burdwan Raj College site has been hacked by Pakistani hackers. And they are threatening India.
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He is a stellar mathematician. He went to UC Berkeley. He is a renowned professor of geometry. And he is a monk. Check out Mahan Maharaj's interview here.
Kolkata Times Zone

Kolkata just got a new clock tower & it is an exact replica of the iconic Big Ben. Here are 7 essential facts you need to know about this new attraction.
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He is an IITian. Was working in Kolkata. But then he quit his job & started Mandii - an epic startup that will soon change the SME financing game in India. Read here about this awesome Mandii.

She is the ideal Bengali woman for most of us - a literary genius, an NRB (Non Resident Bong) with strong connections with her Bengali heritage, highly educated and a strong personality.

Remember Megastructures on National Geographic - the awesome series that shows us how engineering marvels across the world are created? They are now in Calcutta and this is the reason why.

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