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Every Bengali household has a list of commonly repeated dialogues.These 17 idiosyncrasies are a part of every Bong's life at home.

Ice Breaking using ‘dhop’ as a weapon in 1st semester ♀: ‘Madhyomik er por ami boi khulei dekhi ni, jointer ageo kissu porini, baba bolchilo...
Bangalore Station

Even after years in Bangalore, a part of Calcutta never leaves you. You will never get over it, and you keep loving or cursing it forever.

They are our over-protective, dramatic, loving, over-cautious JONONIs. If you were brought up by a Bengali Mother, you will relate to these 10 tell-tale habits that they all possess!
Drunk Devdas

Bengalis love getting high. But, that actually makes them the best friends to have! We celebrate this weekend by tipping a hat to the tipsy Bong!

Bengali girls - the most lustrous & enticing specimens of Bongland, say some of the most endearing things that we just love!

Bengalis are associated with a ton of stereotypes. It's time we faced them and debunked the ones that are bullshit.

Every Bengali kid is taught essential life lessons from the day of her/his birth. We came up with a list of these earnest lessons we learned early in life.

Annoying a Bengali is real fun cause they have a few fixed topics to get pissed about, flare up easily & then starts the bokachoda, gandu etc wave! Joy guru Enjoy guru!

Bengalis love complaining. Even about those things that they like or love! We came up with the most common ones we hear every single day!

Every resident of Calcutta is a passionate proponent of either of the two sides in this decades long debate! Which side do you belong to?

These iconic Mithunda dialogues will blow your mind

Ekdum Fresh

Bajar Garam