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He is the wizard who ties BONGFeed together. A restless techie, a passionate Bengali with an impish delight in all things new and sparkly. We seek his help whenever we need to buy sasta-n-tikau stuff (he buys our clothes basically!) or when our site crumbles.
Dev Adhikary. Source ~ bollysuperhit.com

How did the MPs from West Bengal perform ? Did they raise our issues in the Lok Sabha? How good are Dev & other celebrities in the Parliament?

Jaby Koay Rajkahini Trailer Reaction

Srijit's Rajkahini was a hard hitting flick. More so for Jaby Koay, an American coming across the trailer for the first time. And this is how he reacted.

Poush Mela

Poush Mela is today one of the festivals that Bengal is identified by. And it starts today. Here are the reasons why you should spend this long weekend in Shantiniketan

Meghe Dhaka Tara

Ritwik Ghatak is hailed all over the world as one of the rare geniuses of the silver screen. And yet, how many of his movies have you seen? Here's a list of 10 Ghatak movies you must see before you die.

Usha Utthup. Source ~ chiloka.com

There are some immortal songs without which any para function or pujo pandal in Bengal is incomplete. Check out our favorite songs for every Bengali para!

Mahan Maharaj. Source ~ gonitsora.com/

He is a stellar mathematician. He went to UC Berkeley. He is a renowned professor of geometry. And he is a monk. Check out Mahan Maharaj's interview here.

Tough Feluda Quiz. Source ~ dnaindia.com

Feluda is every Bengali's favorite sleuth. But how well do you know him & his case diary? Take this quiz and show off your MOGOJ-ASHTRO!

Maa Durga eyes

Mahalaya is never complete without Birendra Krishna Bhadra's Mahishashura-Mardini. Here is a link for you to listen to it while waitingfor the actual radio broadcast

"Darjeeling Trainstation - India 2012" by Bill Ebbesen - Atomicbre - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Darjeeling_Trainstation_-_India_2012.jpg#/media/File:Darjeeling_Trainstation_-_India_2012.jpg

These Instagram pics of Darjeeling will cool your summer scorched city hearts in an instant. Time you started planning for the next coffee at Keventers & a glimpse at Kanchenjunga

Sue Perkins is a famous Brit & a star host on the BBC One. See how she came to Kolkata & went down into our sewers in search of history.

Feluda is every Bengali's favorite sleuth. But how well do you know him. Take this quiz and show off your MOGOJ-OSHTRO!

A bunch of Bangladeshi Bollywood fans decide to go out into Sydney and dance to Hindi chartbusters in front of random strangers. Watch the video to check out the LOL reactions.

Remember Megastructures on National Geographic - the awesome series that shows us how engineering marvels across the world are created? They are now in Calcutta and this is the reason why.

This Kolkata Jewish school is made us feel proud as Calcuttans & Indians. This is a lesson that the entire world needs to learn from our city.

Love urban photography? Addicted to Instagram? A Calcuttan? These Instagram pics captured the City of Joy in beautiful & surprising ways & you'll love them!

Ekdum Fresh

Bajar Garam

Bengali vs Punjabi

How does it sound when a Bong & a Punjabi fight? This video is a super funny take on this classic war of words. And watch out for the epic Bong mimicry.