The people of Hiranmoy village, deep in the Sundarban, have achieved something amazing. The villagers of this remote village were tired of non-existent roads and they finally decided to take matters into their own hands. With a little help from World Vision India, an NGO, they have now constructed brick roads to help them connect to the outside world.

NDTV reports – “Brick by brick, literally, they are building roads connecting their remote villages to the rest of the world — with a little help from an NGO, World Vision India. The NGO is supplying the bricks. But the labour is voluntary, a labour of love.”

The volunteers include many women who have this to say – “”We realised that if we didn’t participate, nothing will happen. We have to build our own road,” said Bonyamoni Mondol, who has been working on brick-lining the mud road for a week now.”

There are extraordinary stories like this in the report as well –

“Among the most motivated is 26-year-old Madhavi Mondal, who went into labour last monsoon but couldn’t reach the hospital as the mud road had been washed away. She delivered her son Shubham in the house. “I suffered a lot. I’m working to build this road so other mothers don’t suffer.””

Madhavi Mondal - NDTV via Youtube
Madhavi Mondal – NDTV via Youtube

Four years & 12 kms later the villagers have taken responsibility & shown the world what a few well meaning and decisive AAM-AADMI can achieve. Hats off!

Watch & read the article here – NDTV – In Bengal’s Sundarbans, a Road Built With Voluntary Lab

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